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Blue Rose Videos With a Voice is a unique video rental service designed especially for people with visual impairments.  We currently stock over 200 commercial video titles, all complete with narratives that describe what other people can see on the screen, like costumes, facial expressions and actions.

Described videos are the perfect solution for people who love movies and really want to know what is going on.  You no longer have to be limited by the choices of your branch library, or disappointed by the response of your local video store.  You no longer have to purchase your favorite videos in order to enjoy them.  Blue Rose Videos delivers films to your door!

We carry a wide selection of titles, including dramas, comedies, musicals, adventures, science fiction, mysteries, and family and children’s films.  Our stock is frequently updated to bring you the most currently available described films.

Membership is a quick and easy process, and you can be watching your favorite videos within a week.